The Epid Data Explorer platform aims to better understand the various data concerning the current global pandemic such as the number of cases, deaths, tests, vaccinations, health measures implemented in a country or even the mobility of populations.


For more information about the datasets, please see in item Data sources of the menu.
Datasets are visualized on two different maps with several features to facilitate exploration. Click on the icon in the top corners to switch between one-map or two-maps view:

The dropdown lists under each map allow to choose a dataset and then one of the available variables. The timeline at the bottom can be used to select which date will be displayed on the maps.


Tooltips allow one to explore the temporal evolution of the selected variable for a given map area. A moving tooltip can be displayed by holding the Ctrl key while hovering over the map. Clicking on an area will pin the associated tooltip.

A tooltip's chart displays the value for the current area (black line), as well as areas between (from top to bottom) the max value, the 3rd quartile, the median (dark blue line), the 1st quartile and the min value. Guidelines highlight the date selected on the timeline at the bottom of the interface, as well as the date under the cursor when hovering over a tooltip. The detailed values for these guidelines are displayed to the right ofthe chart.

A pinned tooltip can be resized by dragging its edges. The button on the top-left corner can be used to download the area's data. Depending on the data, switches can be available to modify the displayed chart:


The padlocks allow to facilitate analysis by synchronizing or comparing the visualization on each map. Three padlocks are available: the padlock between maps allows to synchronize navigation, the padlock on the datasets allow to display the same variable on the two maps and the padlock on the timelime allow to display data at the same date.